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*What is LFire program?

This is free application, which counts how much time we play the game. In the future We plan add to program Achievements, doing Screenshots and capturing video, and much more supported games ;)

*How start using LFire?

This is very easy. Just that you download program from here

*I want reinstall my Linux OS. How to safe my stats?
If You want safe, or copy Your statisticcs You must go to: Home Catalog>>LFireData, and copy all files, in LFireData. That’s all! So easy :)
*How many games is supported now?

Seriously? I don’t know… Their number is constantly changing, and and can not be accurately determined. If you want to check out here, to the official list of supported games (* list may be incomplete)

*Why we don’t adding more games? Though week have 7 days… It’s very much time…

Yeah it is much time, but… But i must going to school in 5/7 days, and studying something in home, so i don’t have much free time to doing LFire… Ehhh… I don’t like this too but it (studying) is important in life! ;)


Site Help:

*When i go to LFire Site I see Ad’s… How delete this f*** ad’s?

OK. I don’t like ad’s too! Please go to this page, and follow the instructions contained there ;)



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